Conversations with Garmamie

If you would like to know more about the elizabeth Riley band  you can take a listen to some of the interviews we have been doing with Garmamie Sideau,  Garmamie is a
documentary filmmaker based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  Our band has been fortunate to have Garmamie`s wonderful talents as a filmmaker helping us capture the moments of insight, fun and the creative process of being a band for the past eight years.
We will continue to add the documentary style filming of our band overtime or as time allows.  Some footage will be audio files and others in video format.  Please leave us your feedback, comments and please feel free to share with others.    If you want even more of the band you can purchase our CD-(ep) released 2014, Felt Through The Bone.  Purchases can be made on itunes, bandcamp and if you would like a hard copy please contact us.

Published on 29 Aug 2015       Episode #19
Conversations with Garmamie
Our guest is Patricia Reynolds. She’s a recently retired educator, a singer-songwriter and a member of the Elizabeth Riley Band. Ottawa-based Elizabeth Riley Band has a raw, contagious sound, with original songs and interpretations inspired by bluegrass harmonies, folk classics, and alt and traditional country music.

Patricia Reynolds – Educator and Musician – Conversations with Garmamie – Episode 19

Sometimes people ask us why no-one in our band is named Elizabeth Riley. Well, there’s a story behind that…

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