From Lee Boeyen of Ottawa Lives Here, December 8, 2014

This weekend the OLH Team had the privilege of attending a private Listening Party  to celebrate the release of the Elizabeth Riley Band’s new album, “Felt Through The Bones”. They put on such an amazing performance which was accompanied by wine, great food and great company.

From Laura Magrita, Director & Curator of Gallery 101

The Elizabeth Riley Band blew me away. First, for their great sound and stage presence and secondly for the strength and power of their feminist message. I also loved the references to the east coast Canadian culture. When they rawked out with the country rock I fell in love! I am looking forward to hearing them play again for longer this time. The last time I saw them they were volunteering for a social justice event that is close to my heart, and for that I thank them for their own social conscious-es. As a band and as people they are a phenomenal force for good and musical meaning and entertainment.